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Jonathan Bock - Trip 2000


"Trip 2000" presents a series of works inspired by a three month journey through Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand. 


 Determined to end the 20th Century with a bang, Bock chose three countries he had always wanted to visit, and set out to learn as much as possible about the cultures and the state of the arts in each country.  He describes the journey as a "trip of a lifetime" that profoundly influenced his understanding of the world, and of the international art scene.  


The images combine the artist's skills as a photographer, printmaker, and computer artist, resulting in a body of work that includes elements of all three mediums.  The artist states; "My goal is to present the viewer with a series of images that reflect the art and culture of each country, and at the same time speak about how the journey affected me as an artist and as a person."

Australia Indonesia Thailand
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