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Trip 2000 Technical Information

This series of limited edition prints was printed on the Epson 7500 and 7600 Stylus Pro digital printers on acid free, cotton rag, smooth fine art paper.  The inks used are guaranteed archival for over 100 years.  Each image is limited to an edition of 30 signed and numbered prints in four sizes. 


Original photography was shot using a Sony Mavica digital camera with a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels.  The image manipulation was done in Adobe Photoshop on IBM based personal computers using Windows 2000 and XP OS.


What are they? 

This series of prints falls into many categories, having features of multiple genres or mediums.  They fall into the category of “Computer Art” because they are processed and manipulated on the computer.  They also can be considered as “Digital Art” or “Digital Photography” because the raw images were shot on a digital camera, the files themselves are digital, and the final output is printed on a digital printer.  They are also “manipulated photographs”, because the initial images were created using a camera, and were then altered, manipulated, and composited on the computer. 


 Some people use the term Epson prints, because they were printed on an Epson printer, which is the current standard for high quality digital printing, both for photographs and for fine art reproduction.  I like to think of them as simply “limited edition prints” because of my background as a fine art printmaker. The decision to use matte finish fine art papers, and to limit the edition to 30 of each image is the result of my approach as a printmaker, rather than as a photographer, even though the original image or images may be photographic. 


Because many images in the series are combinations of several photographs, they also fall into the realm of montage or collage. And I might as well mention that the sophistication of the tools on the computer allow me to effectively draw or paint, or to use filters that create effects that mimic the look and feel of traditional drawing and painting techniques.


Ultimately I see them as a continuation of my work as a printmaker, and prefer to think of them as limited edition prints created using the latest printmaking technology.  When I first began making prints I ruined every set of clothing I owned with ink, acid, and other nasty chemicals.  When I first began compositing photographs I either did it in the darkroom with multiple exposures, or combined images from cut out bits of photographs and magazine illustrations.  The computer, the digital camera, and the high-end color printer have changed all this, making it possible to capture, combine, and alter an endless variety of imagery, and print it with amazing color and fidelity.

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