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  Jonathan Bock - Going DeeperGoing Deeper Exhibit Postcard, works by Jon Bock, Jeff Grandy, Dave Hoffman, Franka Gabler, Nancy Robbins

"Going Deeper -  Intimate Landscape, Abstraction, and Visual Haiku" - The exhibit explores trends toward intimate, abstract, and poetic imagery in fine art photography through the eyes of five contemporary photographers; Jon Bock, Jeff Grandy, David Hoffman, Franka Gabler, and Nancy Robbins.

For the exhibit Bock created a series of twelve works at 9 x 9 inches. each piece combines photographic images of nature, technology, and the human environment with high contrast abstract composition studies that serve to break the images into geometric zones.  Bock chose subjects with iconic, poetic, or emotive content, seeking to create visions that speak differently to each viewer in a manner similar to the phrasing and rhythm of Haiku. 


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