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Jonathan Bock - Dances on the Edge

Dances on the Edge is a body of work inspired by dance, music, and the human form, presented at the Lyle’s Gallery, John Wright Theatre, Cal State University Fresno -in February 2008 as part of a group exhibit consisting of paintings, digital art, and photography by Jonathan Bock, Mary Jane Brewster, and Terry Robinson, and Sculpture by Toby Raetze and Norma Rogers.


 “Dances on the Edge” an exciting dance performance in five segments performed by CSU Fresno’s Portable Dance Troupe, and directed by Ruth Griffith was performed by "The Portable Dance Troupe" of the Department of Theatre Arts combines an  innovative and compelling choreography shaped by a mix of faculty and guest choreographers.

Cabaret I Bedroom Window Cabaret II
Red Ramp I Incline I Dances on the Edge I