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Serigraphs Tales from Ovid Ceramics
Trip 2000 The Body Electric Dances on the Edge
Fractures Bass Lake Christmas Namarrkon Rides the Storm Clouds
My Dad's Drawings Yosemite and the Sierras Going Deeper
The Olla Series Spirit of Yingarna


Jonathan Bock - The Body Electric


"Beauty in nature can be found looking both inward and outward.  There is great beauty in the world around us, in mountains and valleys, rivers and oceans, and the sky.  There is also great beauty within us, in our bodies and our motions, our thoughts and our actions, and in our dreams."


Work inspired by the elements, dance, and the human form.  Lyles Gallery, CSU Fresno


Our third annual collaboration with Ruth Griffin and the CSU Fresno Portable Dance Troupe.


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Earthly Rest Water Abstract I Earthly Love Earth Abstract I
Ascending in Air Catie in Fire Dancing in Fire Eleanor in Fire
Frost in Fire Theresa in Air


More Coming Soon!