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Jonathan Bock - Bass Lake Christmas

 I have always enjoyed a white Christmas, and often thought that if enough people wished for it, it was bound to happen.  Christmas day 2003 dawned clear and cold, but by late afternoon the sky had darkened, and a few flakes began to fall.  The snow quickly thickened, and Gloria and I decided to take a Christmas drive around Bass Lake.  At the crest of Road 222 the snow was falling heavily.  Cars were sliding and stopping to put on chains.  We moved slowly down the south road, and stopped at The Forks landing to take in the scene. Large flakes were falling steadily, thick and lazy.  The lake was quiet, and veiled in a fresh white blanket of snow.  We reached home just before dusk, and the flurry stopped as quickly as it had begun.

Boats at the Forks II - Xmas Day 2003

Boats at the Forks I - Xmas Day 2003

Bass Lake South Shore Xmas 2003

Bass Lake South Shore - Xmas Day 2003

Pier at the Forks - Xmas Day 2003

Bass Lake Snowfall - Xmas Day 2003