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Serigraphs Tales from Ovid Ceramics
Trip 2000 The Body Electric Dances on the Edge
Fractures Bass Lake Christmas Namarrkon Rides the Storm Clouds
My Dad's Drawings Yosemite and the Sierras Going Deeper
The Olla Series Spirit of Yingarna

Jonathan Bock - Landscape and Nature

My recent landscape work reflects my relationship with the region I have come to call my home.  Over the past twenty years I have lived in Oregon, Washington, and California.  The valleys, mountains, and seashores of the West have become my stomping ground.  I am deeply moved by the open spaces and natural beauty of America's Pacific States .  My emotional and spiritual connections to the natural world have always been strong.  These works are my attempt to express these connections with others, and to share some of the things that are precious to me.

Bass Lake Christmas


Natural Bridges

Yosemite and the Sierras

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