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Jonathan Bock - Ceramics
Jon and the fire, beginning reduction          My desire to create ceramics was sparked by a long standing appreciation of ancient pottery and folk ceramics, and more recently by prolonged exposure to other ceramic artists.  For years I have visited their studios, photographed them at work, and represented their work in my gallery.  Showing ceramics necessitates understanding the process, and I have learned a great deal by studying the styles and techniques of others.  This ultimately led to experimenting for myself, and I began raku firing with the help of artist AJ Castelo in 2004.  I have become enamored with the immediacy and the unpredictability of the raku process.  Raku is a dance with nature, a compromise between the artist and the elements of earth, air, fire, and water.  Control of these elements comes with practice, but like life itself, there is a random aspect to the experience that must be embraced, sometimes resulting in failure, and at other times resulting in delight.  CLICK HERE to view a few shots from our Christmas 2004 firing.

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