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Jonathan Bock

Jonathan Bock is a career artist with a lifetime passion for the visual arts.  His artwork includes drawing, printmaking, photography, ceramics, experimental film and video, animation, and interactive media.  His latest work is focused on computer manipulated digital photography.

Going Deeper The Body Electric
Tales from Ovid Namarrkon Rides the Storm Clouds

The Olla Series My Dad's Drawings
Dances on the Edge Spirit of Yingarna
Ultrachrome print by Jon Bock - Barramundi Dreaming

Trip 2000


Yosemite and the Sierra

Landscape & Nature
Ultrachrome print by Jon Bock - Red Rocks 1 Fractures Bass Lake Christmas
Serigraph by Jon Bock - Guitar Player II


"To me, great artists are innovators, expanding and evolving human consciousness.  The artists I consider great are the ones who have contributed to the way the world is seen through their personal vision. The images I create reflect my interest in imagination, culture, and communication.  I am intrigued by things that can be thought or experienced, but not necessarily seen.  Images of fantasy, dream imagery, spiritual and folkloric themes, and visualizing music are recurring themes in my work.  My interest in science, philosophy, and nature is strong.  Animals, the environment, and the interrelationship of all things are important sources of ideas for me."


Bock received a Bachelors Degree in fine art and art history from Indiana University in 1984, and a Masters Degree in animation from California Institute of the Arts in 1989.  


CLICK HERE to view the artist's Curriculum Vitae

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