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Adrian John Castelo

Adrian Castelo is a California ceramic artist born and raised in San Diego, with a BFA degree from Cal State Fresno.  Adrian is constantly experimenting with new ideas, glazes, and forms.  Adrian draws inspiration from the floral forms painted by Georgia O'Keeffe, and by the eccentric pottery of Mississippi master potter George Ohr.  His most striking works include hand-molded vases and teapots constructed with delicate leaf-like elements, wrapped like layers of an onion around a solid body.  The clay tapers to a fine edge, thin as a flower petal and sharp as a knife. These organic constructions veil the classic form of the vessel with sculptural details that give each piece a unique beauty and a life of its own.  

A NOTE TO OUR CLIENTS - AJ Castelo's works are unique and sell quickly, sometimes as soon as we pull them from the fire!  If you like a particular style or form you see on our web site, please let us know, and we will work with you to provide you with a piece that will meet your desires! 

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Floral Teapots

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Slab Teapots

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Baskets and Bowls

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Vases and Other Vessels


You must taste the water or you must drown in it.

Donít just pollute it.

Pause before you jump and pray

that no one throws you a life jacket.

This is your Titanic, by choice.

Go down slowly with it

but send messages to the dry land world.

                                                       ( unknown poet )

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