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  Alex ( Black Sheep ) Lewis


Alex LX Black Sheep Lewis at the "For All My Relations" reception at Stellar Gallery in Oakhurst CA Alex Lewis is a talented Native American artist with experience in many media.  Alex creates ceremonial and dance regalia with a distinctive style that combines traditional forms with modern design.  The wooden and horse hair dance stick pictured here is a fine example of his work.


Lewis also works as a sculptor, carving in soapstone and manzanita.  His soapstone carvings were inspired by the work of Dr. Jay Navarro at the Institute of Native American Arts in Santa Fe Mew Mexico, where Lewis assisted Navarro producing alabaster and marble sculpture.  Lewis joined the ranks of California manzanita carvers as an apprentice to internationally known wood carver Terry Reed.  Now working on his own, Lewis creates works inspired by his own life and heritage. His work is sensitive and thoughtful, carved with exquisite attention to detail.  His knowledge of Native America costume and culture makes his work particularly successful.


Whispering Water

Morning Warrior

Basket Maker 

One Spirit Charging Bull


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