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Dr. Jay Navarro passed away at his home on Sunday, November 4th, 2008. Dr. Jay touched many lives in a meaningful way.  He integrated Western psychotherapy with American Indian ceremonies in his work. He was a past faculty member at Southwestern College and continued his relationship to the college by coming to the campus to lead and attend ceremonies and other events.

Jay Navarro was a professional sculptor, musician, and clinical psychologist with a long history working with Native American youth. He was Creek / Apache from Oklahoma, a 20 year resident of New Mexico, and former counselor and student at the Institute of American Indian Arts.  From 1987 to 1989 Navarro was friend and apprentice to Allan Houser (Haozous), considered to be the father of Southwestern Indian sculpture.

A healer as well as an artist, Navarro drew on both of these disciplines to find inspiration for his work.  He approached each new project with reverence, seeking to appease and to reveal the spirit within the materials he chose.

Williams Gallery does not currently represent the work of Jay Navarro.  It was a pleasure for us to represent a small body of his work in 2003.


"Sacred Family Circle"

by Dr. Jay Navarro


Italian Alabaster



9 wide x 7 1/4 deep x 4 1/2 high inches


11 1/2 x 11 1/2 black granite base

"Sacred Family Circle" is an elegantly carved alabaster sculpture in the form of two interlocking eagles. The wings and bodies of the eagles merge to form a hollow sheltering a papoose.  The sculpture is a prayer piece, symbolic of the Eagle Spirit protecting unborn and newborn children.  Gentle curves and an inviting bowl-like form give the sculpture  a welcoming, sensual quality that invites the viewer to touch.  The gentle luster and slight translucency of the alabaster add to the ethereal quality of the piece. Like many of Navarro's works, Sacred Family Circle has spiritual meaning, and is intended to embody protective and healing energies. 


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Dr. Jay Navarro

Tribal Affiliation: Creek / Apache


Training and Education

Institute of American Indian Arts, 3 dimensional design major, 1983 to 1986

Studied design and sculpture under Don Chunestudy, a former apprentice of Allan Houser.

1983 to 1986 - Studied Ceramic Sculpture under ceramic sculptor Larry Desarlais

  1986 to 1987 - apprentice to Bob Haozous, doing stone and metal sculpture

  1987 to 1989 - apprentice to Allan Houser, carving stone and creating armatures for monumental bronze sculpture.



  1983 to 1986 - exhibiting sculptor at Santa Fe Indian Market Show, AIAI booth

  1983 - 21st Century Gallery, Santa Fe , stone sculpture

  1994 to 1995 - Gentlespirit Gallery, Ceramic and Bronze sculpture

  1994 to 1995  - Institute of American Indian Arts Museum, bronze sculpture

1999 to 2000 - Hummingbird Gallery, Stone and Bronze Sculpture

2001 to 2002 - Davida Marie Fine Art, Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM

  2001 to 2002 - Institute of American Indian Arts Museum, stone sculpture

2003 to 2004 - Represented by Williams Gallery West, Oakhurst, CA


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