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“International Printmaking”

limited edition prints from 

Australia, Holland, Japan, Thailand, and the United States.

Williams Gallery West is thrilled to offer limited edition prints by master printmakers from five countries, and a unique body of work from the printmaking department of Chiang Mai University in Northern Thailand.  Participating artists include Australian printmaker Jorg Schmeisser, Japanese printmakers Susumu Endo and Yoshikatsu Tamekane, Dutch artist Rolf Weijburg, American woodblock printmaker Andrea Rich, Thai printmaker Chaiwut Ruamrudeekool, and a selection of student work from Chiang Mai University.

Jorg Schmeisser

Rolf Weijburg

Susumu Endo

Yoshikatsu Tamekane

Andrea Rich

Chiang Mai University

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Williams Gallery West maintains a permanent inventory of American and International fine art and folk art, vintage prints, photography, jewelry, ceramics, and art glass, and features a number of special exhibitions each year.


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