Rolf Weijburg

Rolf Weijburg was born in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, in 1952. While studying social geography and cartography at the University of Utrecht, Weijburg became interested in printmaking and graphic arts, and switched to the Academy of Fine Arts.

Following the tradition of many Dutch artists since the 17th century who traveled abroad, Weiburg has traveled throughout Africa and the Middle-East. His travels are an integral part of his work, providing him with an endless flow of inspiration. Weijburg makes many sketches en route, takes photographs and makes audio-recordings of sounds encountered. These records on paper, film, and tape become the working material for the etchings when the artist returns to his studio in Utrecht.


Being a cartographer as well as a printmaker, Weijburg’s images are often superimposed on a map of the region portrayed. As further aids to the viewer there are often small inset maps with pertinent features indicated. With remarkable perception, and skills as a graphic artist, cartographer, and printmaker, Weijburg brings to the viewer images that combine the geography, flora and fauna, architecture, and the people of the places he explores.


A major exhibition in The Singer Museum in the Netherlands, and the publication of a book depicting etchings and other illustrations together with travel stories marked the end of his latest project in 2000 entitled "L’Afrique Peripherique".  Weijburg’s newest project will be an Atlas of the World’s twenty smallest countries.