Susumu Endo

Susumu Endo was born in 1933 in Kofu Japan. Endo trained as a graphic designer at the Kuasawa Design School, and became interested in printmaking through his work in graphic design. He uses the computer as a tool to enhance and manipulate his already exquisite photographs and drawings, which are then produced as lithographs.  

Endo blends photographic and non-photographic processes via computer, mixing the reality of the natural landscape with abstraction to create singular surrealistic images mingling nature and space.  He has won numerous International awards for his work, and has exhibited in Japan, Brazil, Poland, Austria, India, Norway, and the United States.  His work is included in many permanent collections including the British Museum in London, England; the National Museum of Kracow, Poland; and the Sao Paulo Art Museum in Brazil.


Artist's Statement 

"The source of my creative thoughts is to form structural expressions in my mind space. There I layer several different timelines into one, or construct a world where the real and unreal coexist and interact.  Though I work more on the computers these days, my fundamental attitude toward my creations has remained mostly unchanged since the non-digital age. The reason why I stick with a non-digital way of thinking is because it can interact with my body and soul much more smoothly and naturally. At the same time, I'm eager to take advantage of the latest technology and media for creation. What I'm always trying to do is to explore a new relationship with emerging media. This exploration continues to confirm the origin of my artistic expressions."