Chiang Mai University

In June 2000, gallery owner Jon Bock visited Chiang Mai University in Northern Thailand, and was given the opportunity to tour the school's classrooms and studio facilities.  CMU has an impressive modern art program, including a beautiful new art museum completed in 1998. CMU offers degrees in Thai arts, graphic arts, sculpture, painting, and architecture. 


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Through the generous cooperation of professors Rungsak Dokbua and Chaivut Ruamrudeekool,  Bock was able to tour the University's printmaking department, meet with students and staff, and purchase a body of work for display in the United States.  After a fortuitous initial meeting during a sculpture opening at the university art museum, CMU faculty arranged a special showing of work by students of all levels.  This collaboration has resulted in a similar body of work being included in the gallery's upcoming International Printmaking Show, opening on November 16th, 2002.

"They treated me like a visiting professor, and I am deeply grateful for their kindness and attention." says Bock.  "Upon arriving for the meeting I was greeted by an impressive display of works laid out for my examination, and by a large group of students and faculty anxious to show their work and answer my questions. With Rungsak Dokbua and others acting as translators,  I was able to speak with the students about their artwork, and the ideas that inspired it. " 


Student Work

Rungsak Dokbua

Chaivut Ruamrudeekool


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