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Pacific Northwest Arts Fair

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 Santa Cruz Open Studios 1999

 at  wmgallery.com

Saturday, June 12, 1999
The Williams Gallery of Fine Art, in collaboration with Zero Gallery, hosts its first opening in Cyberspace.
Select Works by William Bock, Carmen Washington, and Dave Henson
 at the Zero Gallery Village Exhibition Gallery in Activeworlds
teleport coordinates: COFmeta 999N 30E
9PM eastern standard time.

CLICK HERE for our review of the show!

Memorial Day Weekend

May 29th and 30th, 1999
Williams Gallery West

  is proud to announce our premiere opening in Oakhurst, California.

The Art of Richard and Frances Powell
at the Peddler's Fair!

Seattle Photo Diary

 February to July 1999

Highlights of a six month stay in Seattle.

May 24th, 1999

Pussnboots attends

  "The 13th Floor"

  Premiere in ActiveWorlds
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