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Williams Gallery West - History of Exhibits and Events

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A Soft Beauty

July 21st through October 1st 2002

Contemporary Pastels by

 Deborah Eddy, Michelle Marco

Anne McClure, Mary Offermann


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Second Annual

California Ceramics

Show and Sale

September 22nd and 23rd 2002

Our second annual group showing of contemporary California ceramic arts. 


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“International Printmaking”

limited edition prints from 

Australia, Holland, Japan, Thailand, and the United States.

November  16th, 2002 through March 15th, 2003


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***Williams Gallery West displays work at Kaiser***

The gallery is proud to announce a new collaboration with Kaiser Permanente.  Gallery artists will be featured in a rotating exhibition at the Kaiser medical building in Oakhurst.  The gallery's first showing is a selection of oil paintings by Oakhurst artist Virginia George, on display through Sept 30th, 2002.

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