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Ginny Burdick

          Ginny Burdick is known for her strong use of color and image in watercolors. She has been inspired by the beauty of the Sierra Mountains, but also captures memories of the many places she has traveled. Burdick often portrays a scene in early morning or late afternoon light when shadows are strongest. Her skies are filled with emotions that seek to connect the viewer more closely to the landscape.

Through her “Remembered Landscapes” paintings she remind us of all the beautiful places we have been. They are images that allow the viewer to go inside and feel a private sense of aloneness.

“I capture what I experience in my mind’s eye (sometimes with the camera’s help), and I explore the experience with light, color, and shape, manipulating the physical reality until it is forced to reveal the truth of the experience. My brush and my hand are far more talented than my brain when it comes to this work. I am sometimes surprised by what shows up on the paper.  When it works—when a painting gives the viewer an experience of entering a space and mood—I’ve created something worthwhile.

Burdick’s work has received awards from Yosemite Western Artists, the Alliance of California Artist, KVPT, and the Montana Watercolor Society. Her work is in many private and public collections, including the Fresno County Superior Court Judge’s Conference Center and courtrooms.