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Growing up in California, my family vacations were often spent in some of the more scenic areas of the California coast and of the Sierra Nevada.  Those vacations introduced me to the varied landscapes of my home state.  With my college years came backpacking trips into the high Sierra – always with a folding camera of some sort along for the ride.  However, other responsibilities and interests for many years kept me from pursuing photography in any serious way.

 In recent years, the advent of digital printing, with its freedom from the hassles of the traditional darkroom, has helped me overcome my native laziness.  No longer does photography mean envelopes full of unprinted negatives and boxes of neglected slides. 

Whether shooting with film or with digital, I’m still drawn to the natural world.  Not necessarily to the grand scenes of the California landscape, but usually to quiet, more intimate scenes that are often bypassed without notice.  My emphasis is not on subject matter, but on the visual, and sometimes emotional, impact of an image.  I would like to think that my photographs may encourage the viewer to take a closer look at the world around them…to notice the rich imagery in our surroundings that so often slips by unnoticed and unappreciated.