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Charlotte Hoffman

Charlotte Hoffman has been “making pictures” for as long as she can remember.  From her earliest years she knew she’d become an artist.  As an art major in the mid 70’s she took a watercolor class and fell in love with the ways the brush, paper, water and paint all interact with one another. “The feel of the loaded brush on the pristine paper or the mingling of paints creating new colors and depth are exciting to watch .”

 A few years ago Charlotte began using pastels “Pastels are pure joy and fun. The immediate vivid colors are so gratifying. They were a difficult transition from watercolor but once I understood their properties there was no turning back.  I love painting sunsets and sunrises, trying to capture that glowing, alive drama unfolding. 

Charlotte currently resides in Porterville with her husband, parrots, dogs and other critters. She is a member of the Porterville Art Association and the Yosemite Western Artists..