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 Native American Indian Jewelry

          Williams Gallery West offers a selection of Native American Indian jewelry with a focus on vintage and antique silver and turquoise, Harvey Era and Mid Century jewelry, and hand-crafted works by contemporary  artists.

    We also buy and sell estate collections, old pawn, and dead pawn.  Only a small portion of the work we offer is listed on our website. This listing is meant as a preview of what we have available. Our inventory is always changing, and some fabulous works pass through our gallery.  Please check in now and then to see what's new!


Navajo turquoise and sterling silver sand cast bracelet - Albert James Brown SOLD Early Zuni or Navajo petite point squash blossom necklace / Earrings 
SOLD  Navajo sterling silver Harvey Era turquoise Thunderbird bracelet SOLD Navajo sterling silver stamp work bracelet
Zuni petit point turquoise and sterling silver bracelet SOLD Exhibition Piece - Large Navajo silver squash blossom necklace
SOLD Large beaded raw turquoise necklace #1 SOLD old pawn turquoise and silver ring with 7 rough-cut carved stones 
SOLD Large beaded raw turquoise necklace #2 SOLD Navajo silver squash blossom necklace with large oval stones
SOLD  Navajo Old Pawn 5 strand silver and turquoise bracelet with 31 stones SOLD Navajo 3 strand silver and turquoise bracelet - single large stone w dark matrix
SOLD Navajo 7 strand silver and turquoise bracelet - single large oval stone SOLD  Navajo Old Pawn 3 strand silver and turquoise bracelet. 17 stones w large central teardrop stone.


to learn a bit more about turquoise.  If you would like to contribute please drop us an email!  Thanks!

for inquiries email info@galwest.com

          HISTORICAL NOTE - "Old Pawn" refers to Southwestern Indian jewelry and textiles pawned by Indian families, often to raise money before harvest or shearing time.  Until recent times, the only manufactured goods available in  the area were at trading posts, originally set up to administer treaty trade by the Department of Indian Affairs. These "Posts" later became privately owned businesses trading in lumber, wool, and farm products. Families needing cash or credit would trade valuables for the goods they needed. These items could be redeemed or could be left and eventually sold by the trader for whatever profit he could make.  "Old Pawn" jewelry often exhibits long passed craftsmanship, unusual stones and exceptional character. Museums throughout the US and the world are filled with examples of fine, old craftsmanship which most likely came out of a pawnbroker's vault.  Museum-quality old pawn  is now rare, and highly desired by collectors.  


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