Native American Jewelry

3 strand silver and turquoise Navajo bracelet

Single large irregular stone, probably Kingman turquoise, with dark spider web matrix.  Excellent craftsmanship. Bands decorated with semi-circular, triangular, and linear stamped designs. Strands join at cuff into a single strand. Other details include two rows of small silver "buttons" mounted along a silver rod with spiral ends running perpendicular to the bands.  Custom stamped and scalloped setting.

band diameter side-to-side 2 3/8", width across top 1 7/8"

Scribed in thin lines on inside 234 AUKK, and  EOA=SET

excellent condition with typical oxidation from age.

  We do not clean our vintage silver pieces, in order not to alter the patina.   We leave the decision to clean or polish up to the buyer. 

Circa 1950

Purchased in Gallup, New Mexico in 1955. Seller noted as "Wallace"



 C.G. Wallace was a trader at Zuni Pueblo in the early to mid-1900's. He encouraged artists to experiment, resulting in a melding of traditional styles and motifs with contemporary techniques. Over the years, Wallace established a private collection of 2,500 pieces of exquisite jewelry, 525 of which he donated to the Heard Museum in Phoenix Arizona in 1975.  The C.G. Wallace Collection  is considered the largest, most well-documented collection of Native American jewelry from the early to mid-1900's.

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