You Are Cordially Invited to...

A Cyberspace Exhibition!

Opening Sunday August 19th, 2001, 6 PM Pacific Time

Williams Gallery West


David Ashcraft Gallery

proudly announce


 A Collaboration in Cyberspace

Please join us at...

Williams Gallery West

Photo Gallery

in Activeworlds


The show will feature the works of five outstanding contemporary photographers.


David Ashcraft

Michael Frye

Richard Garrod

Phil Harris

John Wimberly



The show will also feature a selection of interactive artworks that can be enjoyed during the event.

Shared Drawing

by Randy Moss

Interactive Applets

by Brian Judy

OK...So how do I get there?

CLICK HERE for details on attending the show.

This is wild!  What's it all about?

Follow the links below to learn about the gallery in Activeworlds and how it came to be.

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History in Activeworlds

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