The William Oates Jeffery Collection
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The William Oates Jeffery Collection has been sold.  Please feel free to browse, but be aware the collection is no longer available for sale.

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Netsuke - Manju style with Samurai and Oni Netsuke - Man Seated at the Base of a Mountain
Netsuke - Stag Antler Lion Dog Netsuke - Fukura-Suzume, the lucky sparrow

Netsuke - Man, Boy, and Turtle in Phoenix Boat

Netsuke - Badger with Belly Drum

Netsuke - Manju style - Mushroom and Snail

Netsuke - Foreigner "Hollander" with Child

Ojime - Two Rats - signed Masakazu

Netsuke - Sennin with Twisted Head, Basket, and Gourd
Netsuke - Crawling Baby in Pajamas

Tanuki / Kitsune Procession Traveling Through a Forest

Netsuke - Hut with Straw Roof and Tree

Netsuke - Tall Shrine with Two Figures

Netsuke - Two Wrestlers

Netsuke - Rat Catcher and Escaped Rat
Netsuke - Giant Seated Buddha Statue with Climbing Figures Netsuke - Seated Samurai
Raiden, God of Thunder, Crouching Oni with Hammer, Book, and Umbrella Netsuke - Man with Scroll and Lantern

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