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Measuring Chinese antique figurines

Williams Gallery West - Consignment Services

     Williams Gallery West provides services for the sale of fine art, folk art, antiques, and collectibles.  In addition to our gallery showroom, we sell on-line through our web site, on-line auction sites, and established connections with buyers. We are experienced buyers and sellers on Internet auction sites EBAY, Amazon, and Yahoo.  Our experience and reputation on these sites encourages buyers to bid with confidence, and helps us to obtain premium value for items we offer for sale.

     The gallery provides photography, item research and appraisal, auction listings and management, shipping services, restoration services, and customer service for buyers.  In return for these services, the gallery receives a percentage of the sale price of items sold.  The percentage is determined on a sliding scale based on the sale price of the item or lot.

Sale Price

  1.00 to 49.00 - ( see NOTE )

50.00 to 1000.00 - 40%

1001.00 to 3000.00 – 30 %

3001.00 to 15000.00 – 20%

15001.00 and up – 10%

For example: An item sells for $5000.00

transaction and auction fees* = 200.00 

NET sales is 4800.00

Commission on the first 1000.00 is 40% ( 400.00 )

on the next 2000.00 is 30% ( 600.00 )

on the remaining $1800 is 20%  ( 360.00 )

for a total commission of 1360.00


Consigner receives a NET total of $3440

CLICK HERE to download a printable PDF


     *Auction fees and sales fees and are charged by auction services and payment services at the close of a sale.  These fees include listing and final value fees, and transaction fees for credit card payments.  These fees typically come to approximately 5 to 15% of the final value of an item.  Fees are paid by the gallery, and are deducted from the gross sale price of an item before calculating the gallery’s commission.


We accept payment from buyers by check, money order, credit card, and Paypal.  The gallery will issue payment for items sold within 30 days after payment has been received and delivery is confirmed by the buyer, or according to a pre-arranged payment schedule agreed upon by the gallery and consigner.


NOTE - We will not typically sell items we believe will sell for under 50.00 USD, unless a large number of like items are available for sale.  The research and preparation for on-line sales is a time consuming process, making the time and effort necessary to sell low priced items cost ineffective.



Buy and Sell with confidence! 

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