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Our Breyer listings are now available!  Our listings are structured in a similar way to our Spawn listings, with links directly to EBAY for easy price comparisons, and to help make your toy hunting fun! 


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We regularly update our SPAWN action figure listings. Although our listings are far from a complete list of every Spawn variant, we have included ALL the basic figures from series 1 through 20, and as many variants as possible.  We are continually updating our prices as new figures come in stock.  Most prices are dropping as we find bargains, but a few figures are becoming extremely hard to find, and we are forced to increase our prices on these figures because it costs us more to keep them in stock.  

Please try our unique system of links to Spawn auctions on EBAY, allowing you to quickly compare prices on most Spawn figures.

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So what are the most desirable Spawn figures out there?  Here's a short list for your enjoyment!  

Manga Spawn is definitely the winner.  Red or gray versions go for 25.00 to 60.00, depending on the variant. 


Mandarin Spawn is HOT! Red and Blue versions sell for 18.00 to 30.00, and the black variant is selling at prices over 40.00 


Battleclad Spawn is another hard to find figure, especially the white armor version, and is bringing prices from 20.00 to 40.00.


  Series 12 Bottom Line has become almost impossible to find, and is bringing prices of 30.00 and up.  


The black armor version of series 1 Medieval Spawn is becoming hard to find as well, averaging around 20.00

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