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Stellar Gallery
Oakhurst, California

Visit Stellar Gallery to view works by the contemporary fine art photographers we represent, and for upcoming special exhibits presented by Stellar Gallery and Sierra Art Trails.


We also offer a selection of  contemporary and vintage photography chosen for artistic quality and historical interest.  Our contemporary collection features images by working photographers, and a modest selection of film and commercial photographs.  Our vintage inventory includes images from the late 19th through the mid 20th century.  

Heidi Vetter - Whispering Poets

Sierra Sojourn

new work by California photographer 

Heidi Vetter

Jonathan Bock - Reclining Buddha

TRIP 2000

International Photography Jonathan Bock

Images inspired by a three month journey through Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand. 


by Allen Tannenbaum


Allan Tannenbaum's photographs of John Lennon and Yoko Ono document the couple just days before Lennon's murder. 

His emotional portfolio offers a last in-depth look at this famous pair.


Other Photographers

An assortment of works by other contemporary photographers 

Film and Commercial Photography

Film Press Photography and assorted commercial photographic images.

Vintage Photographs

photographs from the late 19th 

through the mid 20th century.


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