Williams Gallery West Press Release

April, 2003

Artspace Gallery

40680 Highway 41 Unit B2

Oakhurst, CA 93644

attached to Williams Gallery West

phone (559) 683-5551


web-site: www.galwest.com


Grand Opening Exhibition

on display from

April 12th to May 12th, 2003


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We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of ARTSPACE Gallery, our new collaborative gallery space.  The reception will include musical entertainment, delicious comestibles, good company, and a delightful exhibition of photography, painting, ceramics, and sculpture by nine Central California artists.  Participating artists include photographers David Ashcraft, Keith Sauer, John Rogers, and Heidi Vetter, painters Richard and Frankie Powell, Ceramic artists Adrian John Castelo and Tiwi Wood, and sculptor Norma Rogers.  

  About the Artists


David Ashcraft

David Ashcraft is an accomplished fine art photographer and gallery owner.  Ashcraft sees the creation of art as a form of active meditation. Each work of art becomes an emotional or spiritual footprint of where he has been, where he is, or where he is going.  For David, photography is about the freedom to feel and to express what he feels, a means of giving birth to emotions and feelings that cannot be easily expressed through other means.


Adrian John Castelo

Adrian John Castelo is both a painter and a ceramist.  While painting is his first love, he is an accomplished ceramist as well. Adrian is constantly experimenting with new ideas, glazes, and forms. His most striking works include hand-constructed vases and teapots with delicate leaf-like elements, wrapped like layers of an onion around a solid body.  These organic constructions veil the classic form of the vessel with sculptural details that give each piece a unique character and a life of its own.  


Frankie Powell

California artist Frankie Powell is a versatile artist who works in many forms, with experience as a printmaker, ceramist, computer artist, and painter.  Frankie’s work is imaginative and emotional, expressing her inner thoughts, and her relationship with the world she live in.  Frankie's work reflects her interest in nature, dreams, the subconscious, and  her spiritual beliefs. Her style is bold and confident, often poignant and whimsical, seeking to discover inner meaning beneath the surface of things, and to reveal the essence of the moment.


Richard Powell

Richard Powell is a multi-talented painter, illustrator, cartoonist, and computer artist.  Rich's paintings combine Pop Culture themes, bold design, and playful, vibrant color.  Powell is prolific and determined in his work.  He draws constantly, and is happiest with pencil in hand.  The influence of cartoonists and underground illustrators like R. Crumb and Don Martin are a strong influence in Rich's work.  His images cry out "LOOK AT ME!", and their demands are gladly met due to their practiced and delightful execution.  


John Rogers

John Rogers began his career in photography processing black and white film in a garage darkroom.  Now he shoots hundreds of pictures a year,  and works digitally with color and the transforming tool of the computer to present a new and sometimes startling perception.  Form, color, and the small details of our world become the subjects for his artist’s eye, always seeking to expand and enlighten our view of the world.


Norma Rogers

Starting in 1991 with a class in bronze casting, Norma Rogers is pursuing her love affair with metal while working on a Masters of Arts in Sculpture at California State University, Fresno.  The human figure is incorporated in most of her work, which ranges from the playful to the mythic.  With bronze, aluminum, lead, silver, stone, wood, plaster, glass, plastic, and clay, she explores the complex relations we have with the natural world, each other, and most importantly, with ourselves.


Keith Sauer

Keith Sauer has roamed the world with his Nikon for nearly fifty years. An adventurer at heart, he is drawn to the majesty of the world’s mountain areas, and to the creatures that inhabit them.  Sauer works intuitively, capturing images of landscape, people, and wildlife where he finds them, or where they find him.  While principally a landscape photographer, he is also known for spontaneous, often humorous, and sometimes offbeat images of animal and human subjects.  


Heidi Vetter

For as long as she can remember, photography has been a pivotal force in the life of California photographer Heidi Vetter, leading her into marriage, children, and owning her own business.  For Heidi, photography is a bridge between insanity and balance, a reflection of her self, defining who she is and what she want to say.  Now her vision has taken on a new voice, a stronger one, ominous, daring, unforgiving in truth, and a reflection of a searching soul.  In 2002, this drive to photograph, to take chances and to seek meaning in her life, resulted in a three month solo journey through the Sierra High Country.  The body of work that grew from this journey is emotive and inspirational, and a testament to one woman's confrontation with nature and her existence.


Tiwi Wood

Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, artist Tiwi Wood now makes her home in Fresno California. Tiwi holds a Masters Degree in linguistics from Fresno State, where her love for ceramics was ignited while studying under California ceramic artist Jim Shepard.  Tiwi creates salt-fired stoneware sculptural and utilitarian works, often with applied and incised animal and floral elements.  The forms she creates are traditional, but are constructed with an organic freedom that adds a wonderful asymmetry to the work.  

    Gallery Info

Williams Gallery West opened its first showroom in Oakhurst, California in 1998. In July 2001 the gallery relocated to its current location in the Houchin building on Highway 41.  The gallery maintains a permanent inventory of American and International fine art, folk art, vintage prints, photography, jewelry, pottery, and art glass, and features a number of special exhibitions each year.  The gallery is owned and operated by  Oakhurst resident Jonathan Bock, and is located at 40680 Highway 41 in Oakhurst, next door to Days Inn, and across the street from Adriannes.  

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Sunday, Noon to 6 PM, and by appointment. 

  The gallery can be visited on the Internet at https://galwest.com


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