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Red House / Yellow House by Jonathan Bock Jonathan Bock My Dad's Drawings


Red House / Yellow House


Habitat for Humanity Fundraising Offer

30% of Proceeds Benefit Habitat for Humanity


Red House, Yellow House, Limited edition of 30

A Progressive Edition Bock's Progressive Editions change as the edition is created, making each print in the series one-of-a-kind.   The series is numbered sequentially as the image evolves. CLICK HERE to view examples from the edition.


Unframed Price - $175       Framed Price - $250


"My Dad's Drawings" is a series inspired by the discovery of a cache of early drawings done by my father when he was a boy (circa 1935).  My father was an important influence in my development as an artist, teaching me to draw at a young age, and encouraging my artistic interests throughout my life.  The images are nostalgic for me, triggering memories of my youth, giving me a sense of closeness to my father, and paying tribute to the value of living in a loving home.


Jonathan Bock is classically trained as a printmaker and animator, with a BFA in printmaking from Indiana University, and an MFA in experimental animation from California Institute of the Arts.  His experience working with photography is extensive, from darkroom printing in the 1960s to contemporary digital processes.  His professional experience includes art direction and interactive media design, and many years as a gallery owner and curator. 


EMAIL the gallery to order the next available print from the edition.  If you have preferences as to color or design, the artist will offer options based on your preferences.


Support the efforts of this important non-profit organization. Call 209-966-2168 for more information. http://mariposahabitat.bbnow.org/

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