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Jewelry by Camille Cole

"I really like the idea that someone will wear something I made to help them express who they are. That feels great!


Camille Cole is a 31 year old artist who is passionate about jewelry design. Her jewelry is for every mood and occasion. Her works are bold and dramatic, vibrant and imaginative.  Many pieces are large, combining natural materials like bone and coral with beadwork, pendants, and hand crafted metalwork.


Cole began designing jewelry for herself  because she couldn't find jewelry in the marketplace that expressed her personality and her exotic taste. Camille soon discovered that others appreciated her unique style, and quickly found a market for her designs.


In 2003, she opened her own bead shop where she offered her expertise to others, and could also create for herself. Since then she has taken classes from Sharilyn Miller, Tacho Martinez, and Josie Two Feathers to hone her craft. Cole enjoys the process of gathering gemstone beads and unusual pendants and putting them all together in an unexpected way to create one-of-a-kind wearable works of art.


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