Mexican Folk Art


Ceramic Sculpture

 The Last Supper

 Ocumicho Mexico

circa 1960

approx 18w x 12h x 8d inches

Prince 750.00


 The hand built and hand painted ceramics of Ocumicho, Mexico combine Pre-Columbian and Catholic subjects, as well as secular and pop culture themes. 


Figures are typically low fired terra cotta pottery, painted with water base paints or auto enamels.  Many have a delightful sense of humor.


The piece is large, depicting the Last Supper. The table is packed with loaves and fishes in great detail.  Jesus sits at the center, with nine disciples behind him, each holding up a loaf of bread.  The scene is backed by a large arch decorated with leaves and moons, with the father, son, and holy ghost at the "keystone" position of the arch. 13 figures total.  The paint is in lovely creamy colors, not the typical bright enamel of more recent works. 


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