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Tiwi Wood



Born and raised in Jakarta , Indonesia , artist Tiwi Wood now makes her home in Fresno California . Tiwi holds a Masters Degree in linguistics from Fresno State, where her love for ceramics was ignited while studying under California ceramic artist Jim Shepard. 


Tiwi creates salt-fired stoneware sculptural and utilitarian works, often with applied and incised animal and floral elements.  Her work is influenced by her background as a linguist, and by the study of traditional ceramic forms.  The influence of  Japanese folk pottery, Celtic styles, and other ancient pottery traditions is reflected in her work.  Although many of the forms she creates are influenced by traditional styles, they are constructed with a personal touch and an organic freedom that adds a wonderful asymmetry to the work, and makes her work unmistakably her own.


          “My way to clay was a long way, beginning after years of schooling in linguistics and years of college teaching, something not directly related to the arts.  Somewhere along the line, I took a beginning ceramics class from Jim Shepard, a prominent potter in the California Central Valley and a marvelous teacher. This was the turning point in my life.  I realized then that this was what I was meant to do, but I have no regret whatsoever about the years I spent searching for it.  My linguistics background now serves as the backbone of my work in clay as I'm very fond of incorporating language, such as narratives, in my pieces.  I am grateful for the journey that has taken me here, but I see a long way to go still.   As long as there is more for me to learn, this is the road I'm traveling.”


Starfish Trinket Box by Tiwi Wood Salt Fired Handled Vase by Tiwi Wood Tiwi Wood - sculpting a trinket box
Starfish Trinket Box Salt Fired Handled Vase Tiwi sculpting a trinket box