Terry Robinson

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Artist, animator, and illustrator Terry Robinson is a multi-talented graphic designer and illustrator with experience in the advertising, design, and entertainment industries.  Robinson specializes in science fiction and fantasy illustration, and has worked on many innovative projects including Sierra On-Lines King's Quest and Quest for Glory series.

The Cat and the Fiddle - Ultrachrome print
Sun Song - Ultrachrome print

Poppies along the Merced by Terry RobinsonA native of California, Terry has been drawing since she could hold a crayon. Robinson graduating from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California with a BA in Illustration. Like many young aspiring illustrators fresh out of college, Terry took various fulltime jobs in Hollywood doing production art and landing the occasional freelance illustration.

 Some of her most noteable earlier works included record album art for "Johnny Cash" (a portrait water color), "Hall & Oates"(done with pastels), and a video cover for "the Return of the Killer Tomatoes"(acrylic airbrush).  Her first recognition as a Multi-Media artist was a Certificate of Merit from the Illustrators West for an ad illustration that combined photography, acrylic painting, and colored pencil. 

Having a variety of styles became beneficial when Terry found a young computer game company that needed an artist to help market their products. Located in the mountains near Yosemite, Sierra On-Line didn't have trouble enticing her when they said they would put a computer on her desk and she could learn at her own pace. To Terry it was like getting the art tool of the future while living in paradise. The computer game company moved away but Terry remained with her roots planted among the trees still creating art.

In Terry's words," I love all the different ways one can make art. Each material has it's own characteristics which can really influence the look of a piece. I also enjoy trying to create in different styles from loose to rendered, from abstract to realistic. Variety may be the spice of life but too much variety can make it hard for people to associate you with a specific look." 

"I might be a better known artist if I could narrow my focus on subject matter, media, and style. Seems every time someone has said to me oh you're the one who does such and such, that's when I decide I've done too much of such and try something else. It's probably a personality fault where I tend to dislike being categorized. There are prejudices that come with categorizing and labeling that can be just plain wrong."

"The catch 22 of all this is that the moment we display our art works we are automatically putting our work up for labeling, categorizing, and judging. It's not just the art that is being judged it is also the artist and person displaying the art. The art we create and display helps us show to the world this is a part of who I am."

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