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Susan Bolen


Works on Canvas, Panel & Paper

Works on Wooden Panel

Works No Longer Available for Sale


Heart of the Forest

L/E Prints Available 


The Bench

Yosemite Falls

Sparkling Water - Merced River

Plateau, Merced River


L/E Prints Available


Mariposa Hillside

Hillside Dawn

Half Dome through the Trees

Autumn Mist

L/E Prints Available

L/E Prints Available


El Portal Foothills 

Merced River Waterfall 

Wheels within Wheels

Half Dome from Ahwahnee Meadow

Purple Sofa

Eagle Peak from Patty's Pond

Crane Flat Falls

Blue Half Dome 

L/E Prints Available

L/E Prints Available

L/E Prints Available



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