Toshi Yoshida

1911 - 1995

Toshi Yoshida was best known for his woodblock prints, but he was also quite proficient as a painter and illustrator. It is difficult to summarize his artistic style for he was constantly pushing the boundaries and experimenting with woodblock techniques. His work consists of realistic landscapes, imaginative abstract designs, as well as details portraits of animals.

Kilimanjaro Evening Kilimanjaro, Cloudy Day

Yoshida was part of the second generation to work in the woodblock medium. Both his father, Hiroshi Yoshida, and mother, Fujio Yoshida, were artists. He learned the woodblock technique in his father's studio and many of his earlier works are reminiscent of Hiroshi's work. However, Toshi Yoshida's personality and stylistic differences can be seen in his artwork. Compared to his father's work, Toshi's are more down-to-earth.