"Prairie Dogs"
Bronze Sculpture

by Susan Kliewer
#18 of 40
From a California private collection. 

Signed, dated and numbered. 

dimensions without base - approx 4" high x 4" diameter 
base dimensions - approx 3/4" high x 6" diameter

Lovely little wildlife bronze depicting three prairie dogs on guard outside their burrow. Very expressive capturing the character of the subject. Nice detail. One of Kliewer's earliest bronzes.

Very Good Condition. Nameplate on base is a little tarnished. 




Susan Kliewer is a well respected Western artist specializing in bronze sculpture. Kliewer was born in California, and moved to Arizona in the 1980s. After 10 years experience doing foundry work, she turned to sculpting full time in 1987. Her work quickly grew in popularity, and includes a number of large scale works in Sedona Arizona including a ten foot tall monument of Sedona Schnebly, a life-size sculpture that pays tribute to the Sinagua people, and a Hopi Water Maiden fountain. Her subjects include Native American life, historical figures, and Western icons like Annie Oakley and Maria Martinez. 

The people and landscapes of the American West have been her constant companions since she was a child. Well connected in the Native American community, she often uses her Navajo friends and her grandchildren as models to capture the intimate details expressed in her work. Her depiction of Native Americans from the past and the present has attracted major collectors from all over the world.

The artist states "My work aims to show the common thread that underlies all human experience, which I hope brings us to a greater understanding between all peoples."
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