Sidney Sime

Untitled drawing / Illustration / Cartoon

circa 1900 AD

Ink and Watercolor on Paper 

signed S. M. Sime

dimensions 9" wide x 6" high

Condition is very good. A few tiny aging spots on paper, visible on upper left in photo. Framed and matted under glass in a nicely done gold-tone wooden frame.

Humorous yet macabre drawing of a Japanese style monster, ogre, or demon, recently decapitated.  The head stares angrily toward the body with buggy eyes and protruding tongue, as if willing it to return. The body gropes aimlessly for its missing member.  Delightful use of action lines tell the tale of the sweeping sword, path of the disjointed head, and groping hands. Heavier black inked areas portray dripping blood, flame like hair, and the anguish of the monster regarding its plight.

Sidney Sime. Some images can be viewed online at; but the text is in Icelandic (or Swedish?). There are more images on this site: some kinda generic site - and I warn you, itís a very lo-fi site design circa 1998! 


Sidney Sime ( circa 1890 ) was influenced by the works of Aubrey Beardsley, yet many of his works feel as if they might have been done yesterday.  Sime was born in Manchester, England and came from a very poor background. His works are poignant, contemporary, and imaginative. Writer H.P. Lovecraft was a fan.

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