Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall stands out as a romantic genius among the most eminent of the 20th century modern artists. He can be considered one of the most original artists of his time. Picasso commented, after the death of Matisse, "There is only one great colorist left and it is Marc Chagall." Overall,  his gemlike primary and secondary colors convey a fairytale or fable-like quality. Chagall often used recollections of village life in his native Russia to construct a mythological world of dreamlike unreality. Presenting art in unnatural juxtapositions and magical color.

Soliel Aux Amoureux



Chagall is also well known for his expertise in lithography. An art form he elevated to the highest level of aesthetic achievement. Working in tandem with the great atelier of Paris, the Mourlot Studio, Chagall created graphics that have become as prized by connoisseurs and museums as his paintings