Untitled Textile Collage

( Moonscape )


A post-war image that combines lithography with ink, textiles, and other pigments, possibly watercolor.


  by Bauhaus Artist

 Margit Tery Buschmann

circa 1970


mixed media on Paper - unframed


PRICE $2500


Signed in lower right corner. "MT"


unframed dimensions: 16" wide x 30" high


Excellent Condition



Margit Tery-Buschmann was the student, friend, and close confidante of the brilliant pathfinder Johannes Itten, who greatly influenced the art and culture of the 20th century. Margit met Johannes Itten in 1916 in Vienna while attending art school. In 1919 she became his first student in Weimar (Germany), where the Bauhaus began.

1922 she became employed in the Utopia Publishing Company in Weimar; a year later she gave classes in the Itten method of picture analysis.

From 1929 to 1933 she and her friend Max Bronstein (Mordechai Ardon) made films for worker education. Ten years later all of her work was destroyed in air raids. She, herself, was arrested by the Gestapo.

After the war Margit Tery was employed for many years doing interior design in Eternit (fiber cement).  The Bauhaus had a considerable interest in synthetic materials, and the connection with Eternit began in 1926. Gropius had a house built with it.

Her friend Lucia Moholy-Nagy writes: ‘ After she stopped her design work’ she could concentrate more on painting and collage. She was surprised to find that the passion of her youth came out again so strongly. Her ability to express herself artistically and with her original vitality, had not suffered in the period of active and formal environmental design. While some of her contemporaries had spectacular results in the greater world, this woman, unlike most, remained profoundly true to the legacy of the early years. In her still lives the Bauhaus spirit of the early years.”

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