Christian Title

Untitled Landscape

LE Serigraph

from Coleville Publishing

Artist's Proof - unframed

signed by the artist

image area approx 24" wide x 16" high

Detailed serigraph in may colors. Waterfront scene in a park like setting.  Tree lined pathway at the water's edge with sailboats and boat houses in the distance. Practiced sense of light and form. Confident rendering in an impressionist style. Lovely detail.

circa 1980
very good condition 

PRICE $600

Christian Title Grew up in Los Angeles, California, studied commercial art at the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design, then at Woodbury College.  He studied at the Beaux-Arts Academie in Paris, France, at the Academie Julian, at the Sorbonne University, where he earned his doctorate in 1955. During this time his work was influenced by many great artists, including Andre L'Hote, Oskar Kokoschka, and Fernand Leger. 


In 1956, Christian returned to the United States, where he was inspired by the works of Paul Gerchik and Milton Gershgoren, particularly in the use of a more vibrant palette. Christian opened DeVille Galleries in 1957, and became a leading dealer of turn of the century American Impressionism paintings. Christian also represented oil paintings from living contemporary Impressionists.


Colville Publishing was formed in 1981 to represent the limited edition prints from this select group of artists. As chairman of Colville Publishing, Christian used his extensive art education, his own talent, and decades of gallery experience to build a publishing firm that represents the best of today's contemporary artists.

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