Lucille Kent

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     Lucille Kent, wife of noted restaurateur Frank Skipper Kent,  was an accomplished California painter, well known on the West Coast and in Hawaii.  Her studies took her from San Francisco and Berkeley as far afield as Chicago, the Instituto at San Miguel Allende, and the Bellas Artes in Taxco Mexico.  Kent studied under such noted artists as Thomas Leighton, Arthur Palmer, Peter Blos, Marques Reitzel, Joseph Bennet, Senor Pinto, Don James Oats, and Senor Fidel Figueroa.


     In addition to many solo exhibitions, Mrs. Kent designed and helped to paint the Polynesian Village dining room and the banquet area of the Edgewater Hotel in Chicago, and a similar Polynesian Village in the Somerset Hotel in Boston.  Her great love was the sea.  She was a veteran of thirty years and thousands of miles of ocean racing and cruising.  After one ocean voyage of over 9000 miles she stated, "I feel I know the sea in most of its moods, but it will take years to get it all on canvas." Even a casual study of her seascapes shows that she mastered the moods of the sea as few other artists have.

Seascape #1 - "Morning Light" - Oil on Canvas - 1953
Seascape #2 - "Deep Pools" - Oil on Canvas - 1953
Seascape #3 - "South Point, Kau Ake" - Oil on Canvas - c1960
Seascape #4 - "Rhapsody in Blue" - Oil on Canvas - c1955
"Floral Still Life" - circa 1955
"Wild Stallions" - circa 1950
SOLD - "Hawaiian Orchids" - circa 1960
SOLD - "Burned Out" - Big Creek Lumber Co. - Oil on Canvas - c1960
SOLD - Seascape #5 - "Surging Sea" - Oil on Canvas - c1960
SOLD - Seascape #6 - "Windy Day"  - Oil on Canvas - c1950
SOLD - Seascape #7 - "Deep Pools II" - Oil on Canvas - c1950
SOLD - "Hawaiian Orchids" - circa 1960

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