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Ocean Jones


Ocean Jones

“The intrinsic value and beauty of nature combined with found materials provides the spark that ignites my creations.”

Ocean Jones of Mariposa creates mixed media art that combines natural and recycled elements. Her deep connection with nature and the love of writing, photography, art and books developed during her childhood in the central San Joaquin Valley. This led her on a journey that included every aspect of bookmaking- from calligraphy to poetry, papermaking and bindery in addition to publishing to complete the picture.

She continues using these skills today combining natural and recycled elements in addition to other unique ephemera. Ocean’s written poetry can be seen as the background for her framed pieces as well as shredded then woven beautifully into heart ornaments and spirit nests. She incorporates feathers, beads, fibers and magic charms as embellishments.

Her education at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz enriched her life and inspired her path even further. As a result, she discovered the joys and challenges of teaching for twenty-five years. This included creating and directing the high school Valley Voices Poetry Program for ten years. 

Now retired, Ocean creates her sacred gifts to share with you. Colorful, whimsical, soulful- may they find their way into your heart.

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