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Norma Rogers


          Norma Rogers is an accomplished sculptress with a lifetime of experience working in three dimensions, and a Master of Arts degree from California State University , Fresno .


Intrigued by new materials, Rogers works with bronze, aluminum, silver, stone, wood, plaster, glass, plastic, and clay.  Over the last decade Rogers has honed her skills in bronze casting, slump glass, and cast glass.


Her works integrate multiple materials, and often include found objects.  The human figure is incorporated in most of her work, which ranges from the playful to the mythic. Her pieces are mystical and thought provoking, and infused with spiritual and personal symbolism.  Her work explores the complex relations we have with the natural world, each other, and most importantly, with ourselves.  



The Raven Goddess



Wishing Raven Goddess Elegance Bridgette
Asking Inanna, Queen of the Sky Totem Choices
Asking Inanna Dances Totem Choices