Matthew Patton

Matthew Patton creates high fire stoneware and porcelain plates, bowls, tiles, and platters.  His works combine abstract forms, vivid color, and unique glazes into vivacious works of art.  His glass glazes bead up like paint from a tube, or raindrops on a leaf. Other glazes fill recesses in the surface with translucent crackle glass.    Matthew creates his designs with the skill of a graphic designer, and the freedom of an abstract expressionist.  Colors splash, drip, pool, and run across the surface, and combine into striking compositions.  Although he creates multiple works with the same design, each piece is unique, with the final result dependant on the subtle differences in the application of glazes, and unpredictable effects from firing.  His designs are constantly evolving, and each new edition sparks fresh ideas that lead into the next.  Matthew's plates and platters are wired for hanging, and can be displayed on the wall or a flat surface.

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