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Wood Turning by Ken Maggard

Ken Maggard is a skilled wood worker with an eye for organic design.  While he has worked in many mediums including painting and iron working, his current passion is woodturning. The artist states; “Unlike metal, wood has such a soft and warm feel to it. I love it!”


Maggard works with many types of wood, with a preference for working with burls. Burl wood is a favorite because the grain patterns and unique shapes are unlike any other.  He uses wood only from dead and down trees, wood that would otherwise become fire wood.  He finds his materials on the properties of friends and relatives that live in the Sierra foothills, and never uses wood from live trees, stating that; “We need then for our air!” 


He is also enamored with carving manzanita wood, which has a beautiful surface and rich color, and is plentiful in Central California.  He is also beginning to experiment with incorporating sculptural carving into his turned pieces. 


Once the turned piece is off the lathe, he likes to say that he works on it like a painter working on a canvas.  After the initial turning, he takes his pieces to further, texturing, carving, and even coloring, transforming them into unique works of art.


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