Jonathan Bock

Guitar Player

2 panel Serigraph


Catalog #100011

22 w x 30 h inches ( each panel )

$450 unframed / $600 framed

limited edition of 25

Guitar Player is a hand pulled serigraph in 8 colors.  This is a large piece! With an overall size of 44 x 33 inches unframed.  The print  portrays six animated "movements" by an electric guitar player, created during the time Jon began his experimentation with animation. Each silhouette represents a single "frame" of a figure in motion.  The figures are outlined in three colors, with subtle variations to the line creating a visual vibration that adds to the image's sense of motion.  The end result is an image charged with energy, influence by Jon's passion for live music, and his interest in motion as an important element of his work. 


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