Jonathan Bock - Namarrkon Rides the Storm Clouds

"Namarrkon Rides the Storm Clouds"

 Ultrachrome Print

Limited Edition of 30

image area approx 18 w x 26 h inches

framed size 24 w x 38 h inches

$450 unframed / $600 framed

image area approx 12 w x 19 h inches

framed size 20 w x 24 h inches

$225 unframed / $300 framed

"Namarrkon Rides the Storm Clouds" revisits the print "Namarrkon" produced for Jammin' Tree 2007.  The revised image is combined with textures from dot paintings inspired by Jeremy Donovan, and re-colored to accent the power and energy of the Australian Storm Spirit.



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