Jonathan Bock - Namarrkon Rides the Storm Clouds

"Coco's Backpackers"

Ultrachrome Print

Limited Edition of 30

image area approx 13 w x 19 h inches

framed size 20 w x 24 h inches

$225.00 unframed / $300.00 framed

This piece was completed in 2004, but did not make it into the TRIP 2000 exhibit.  I did not know at the time how significant it would become to me.  Coco's Backpackers was a gathering place in Katherine, Northern Territory.  We stumbled upon it one day, and were warmly welcomed.  A circle of didge players sat out front, and Coco demonstrated the construction and the basic technique for playing the traditional eucalyptus didge.  I was entranced by the sound, the simplicity of the instrument, and the beautiful aboriginal paintings they were decorated with.  Looking back I see this chance encounter as the seed of many years of pleasure and inspiration centered around the art and music of Aboriginal Australia.



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