Jonathan Bock - Ceramics

Relaxing with Dogs

Raku Fired Ceramic Wall Hanging


approx 14w x 10h inches

Copper Penny, Apple Crackle, and White Crackle raku glazes and Duncan low fire Really Red glaze over a Laguna Blend clay body.




Dry greenware ready to bisque in the electric kiln"Relaxing with Dogs" depicts a quiet scene of a reclining woman surrounded by her pets. ( Yes there is a cat too! ) The piece is one of  a series of Raku fired wall hangings created in 2005.  Each piece begins as a slab of clay, which is then draped over an arrangement of stones to create an irregular undulating surface.  The modified slab serves as a blank canvas for gesture drawing from a live model.  As the clay dries the drawing is refined and sculpted in low relief.  The final work is bisque fired and then raku fired in a 55 gallon drum kiln.



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